Brought to you exclusively by CITC, the Maniac is the most spectacular, spellbinding fog machine you've ever seen. In fact, we would go so far as to say that it's quite possibly the most exciting piece of special effects equipment since the original snow machine, the CITC Little Blizzard®. Designed for creative stage lighting designers as well as DJ's that really know how to rock, the Maniac was born to be wild. It's fast, it's vibrant, it's powerful, and it's very well made. Extensive testing has been done by CITC to ensure the unit will be trouble-free and long-lasting. Surprisingly affordable, adding the Maniac to your equipment line will be one of the best audience pleasers you've ever had. Get yours. Be wild.

    Fog / Beam / Fog and LED Beam

    Moving Head with full 540 degrees of Pan and 270 Degrees of Tilt

    Can hang either Upside down or Right-side Up

    Co2 Effect when using SmartFog

    Instant Stop Technology

    Wireless Remote for Fog

    DMX controlled

    Need more info? You can find a Spec Sheet here.

    Need Fluid? We recommend CITC SmartFog 15 Second!