Labor Rates

Lighting systems sold by ALPS are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions commencing the date of shipment. The manufacturer’s warranty insures that their product is free of defects in material and/or workmanship for this period of time. Said warranty shall be determined void if the equipment is used in conditions of service for which the equipment is not intended or designed. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage to the equipment resulting from improper installation, physical damage or abusive operating conditions.

ALPS as your factory liaison will provide support throughout the Warranty period based on the manufacturer’s policies.

ALPS regular service rates are as follows:

In-House Labor

$75/hr. (1hr minimum)
$37.50 Evaluation Fee

Field Labor

$85/hr. (1hr minimum)

Travel Hours

$65/hr. (1hr minimum)

After hours Field Labor
M-F after 6pm, Sat & Sun All Day

$127.50/hr. (2hr minimum)
Door to Door

Request for expedited In-House repairs will be considered per case, depending on time and parts. Cost is normal rate plus $25 per unit.