Altman PHX LED Profile Spot - Black 250w RGBA

The 5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36°and 50° fixed focus PHX LED Profile Spots are state of the art luminaries in function, style, and efficiency. These Profile Spots have been designed and engineered with a number of innovative details and features enhancing versatility and efficiency without sacrificing performance. Fully locking shutters and a 360° rotating barrel help keep the artistic part of your fixture's focus intact and easy to attain, and with virtually no light leak from the fixture itself you won’t have to worry about any extra light illuminating unwanted parts of the ceiling. The aesthetic appearance and ergonomically designed function controls only add to the appeal. All of these new and innovative options are what makes the PHXLED Profile Spot ideal for theatres, Special Events, television studios, or wherever superior, energy efficient lighting performances are required. Includes Color Frame, Clamp, Safety and 5' 20A PowerCON from 15A Edison Male.

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5 degree
10 degree
19 degree
26 degree
36 degree
50 degree