Flat Focus Tool

This tool does many of the same functions of the other Ultimate Focus Tools, but is both lighter and far less expensive than its big brothers. 1. 3/4" and l9mm for standard C-Clamp and star knobs on ETC lekos. 2. 7/8" for scaffold clamps. 3. 17mm European. 4. 9/16" yokebolts. 5. 1/2 " C-Clamp. 6. 3/8" Older swivel focus nut on C-Clamp. 7. 5/16" Newer swivel focus nut on C-Clamp. 8. Bottle Opener. 9. Lanyard Hole. 10. Larger opening for larger shackles and fat wingnuts. 11. Long Narrow slot for smaller shackles and regular wingnuts