Cognito2 offers the same easy and intuitive programming interface that makes control over incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color-changing LEDs a breeze.  Although the interface hasn't changed, the output has.  Now with up to twice the universe count and a new HDMI output for an external monitor, Cognito2 doubles up on the capabilities of what is quickly becoming the go-to console for small to medium size churches, schools and other halls of public assembly. The original Cognito remains fully supported. The latest fixture library as well as a maintenance release dated February 24 for original Cognito are available here! The February 24 release fixes several operational issues including occasional loss of authorization, a touch screen bug and MSC command parsing. This release also corrects a real time clock issue in the December 3 beta release. Download the release notes from the link above for more details and the full list of changes.

Click here for a Datasheet.