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DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool

City Theatrical‘s DMXcat™ system is designed for use by the lighting professional who is involved with the planning, installation, operation, or maintenance of theatrical and studio lighting equipment. The system consists of a small hardware interface device and a suite of mobile applications. Together, they combine to bring  DMX/RDM control plus several other functionalities to the user’s smartphone for use wherever and whenever they are needed.  Developed with input from  designers and technicians, the DMXcat will be an indispensable tool for lighting users. The DMXcat will operate with both Android and IPhones.


The DMXcat’s interface device is a compact battery powered unit which fits easily in a pocket or tool pouch or may be worn on a belt. It uses Bluetooth LE technology for communication with the smartphone/applications (up to 50’ range). Without the limitations of being physically connected, the user can move about the work space as needed with his/her smartphone and run the various apps while still using the phone for on-the-job communication. The device’s 5 pin XLRF connector/cable assembly allows it to be connected to a point in a DMX data chain to allow testing and or control of the various DMX/RDM channel functions. It is charged using a standard USB to Micro-USB cable and charger.

Other features include a built-in LED flashlight, an audible alarm (for locating a misplaced unit), an LED Status indicator, and a removable belt clip.

Software Applications

There are currently seven apps available or in development for use with the DMXcat system. Apps are available through Google Play (Android) or the Appstore (IPhone).

Apps Included with the Basic configuration include:

  • DMX Controller

a single universe (512) DMX channel controller with two user interfaces.

  • Fixture ControllerDMX

 test app for multi-attribute fixtures with built in database of lighting fixtures.

  • RDM Controller

App for bi-directional communication/control of RDM enabled devices.

  • DMX Tester

Permits users to analyze and or adjust  settings for transmitting or receiving DMX.

  • RF Spectrum Analyzer (Android only)

For surveying and visualizing Wi-Fi networks.

  • DIP switch calculator

This app simplifies the configuring of DIP switches used for setting DMX addresses.

  • Light Meter (Android only)

Useful for setting light levels for on-camera use.


ETC Source 4WRD System


4WRD progress starts here

Advance any full-size, tungsten Source Four ellipsoidal to LED efficiency in seconds, and without special tools.

Same optics, same accessories, same flexibility as a Source Four fixture. 

As bright as a 575-watt, extended life HPL lamp.

70% less power, no re-lamping, no-hassle swap out.

This incredible advancement to the Source Four fixture is available either as a retrofit or as a complete light engine. 120v model is available now; 230v model will be available in the near future.

Source 4WRD (Watt Reduction Device) LED is a replacement for a standard Source Four® burner assembly that will convert the HPL source to a white-light LED and provides a significant reduction in power consumption. The simple and quick upgrade is nondestructive and takes less than a minute. In most cases it can even be done without breaking the fixture’s focus. Source 4WRD LED is theatrically dimmable via DMX using RJ45 connections or line dimmable, with a traditional LED curve, to allow flexibility for your installation. And, because it is an LED source, your fixtures will run cool and efficiently without lamp replacements.

Click here for the S4WRD Spec Sheet.

What ships with the Source 4WRD? Source 4WRD LED ships with three-foot, three-wire power leads with bare ends, a threaded guide rail. See below for factory installed connector options ordered separately. Each order also ships with one (1) RJ45 to Male 5 pin DMX adapter.

What ships with the Source 4WRD Light Engine with/ Barrel? Source 4WRD Light Engine with Barrel ships with a C-clamp, a slot for either a drop-in iris or motorized pattern device, three-foot, three-wire power leads with bare ends, a threaded guide rail. Each order also ships with one (1) RJ45 to Male 5 pin DMX adapter. Lenses are not included.


We’ve taken the design from our classic Source Four PAR and PARNel fixtures and made them even better, keeping all of the same features you love with the added benefits of LEDs. If you thought the incandescent fixtures were bright, just wait until you see the Source 4WRD PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel in action!

We found 10,000 reasons to mess with a good thing

And those reasons are lumens - 10,000 lumens to be exact. That’s 20% more light than a Source Four PAR using a 750w long-life lamp.

Using the same Source 4WRD LED back end you would use on a Source Four incandescent fixture, these Source 4WRD PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel fixture bodies are a great addition to any venue that already has S4WRDs in inventory. Swap out the Source Four incandescent fixture body for a Source 4WRD PAR or PARNel fixture body, and you immediately have an incredibly flexible inventory of LEDs.

The best remains

Same accessories and smooth light. The new Source 4WRD PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel fixtures use the same rugged, die-cast aluminum construction as the original fixtures, and produce the same smooth, even field of light. The only change is that the 575W lamp has been swapped for a 155W LED source. This means, no more lamps to keep in inventory!

There’s no need to buy new accessories for your new Source 4WRD PAR and PARNel fixtures. All existing Source Four PAR lenses and accessories are compatible with the new design. The same set of four snap-in lenses you already have in inventory, work with these fixtures as well.

Click here for the S4WRD PAR/PARNel Spec Sheet.



What ships with the Source 4WRD PAR or PARNel? Fixture body and color frame.  Source 4WRD PAR ships with flat AR coated lens.  Other lenses and accessories sold separately.
***Does not ship with Source 4WRD LED.***

$10.00 – $849.00