Cables & Connectors

15amp Edison Connector

Bevel housing prevents snagging nearby equipment. Dust seals keep foreign materials from terminals. Internal cord clamp limits wear and prevents cord from loosening. A variety of cord clamp inserts to grip most cord sizes securely. Redundant color-coded terminal markings add to wiring ease and safety. Terminal screws are installed in open position to speed assembly. Wire entry holes are located close together to ease insertion of wires. Spacious housings for faster assembly, easy clamping to cable and convenient wire stripping. Speed style screws for faster assembly.

$6.10 – $7.55

5pin to 3pin Adapters

DMX Adapters to convert 5 pin to 3 pin to 3 pin to 5 pin.

$21.85 – $23.70

Control Turnarounds

These handy adapters offer easy XLR gender and/or pin configuration changes.

$21.00 – $21.55

DMX 5pin Control Cable

CBIHeavy Duty DMX Wire; Neutrik X-Series 5 Pin Nickel XLR's; Compression strain relief.

$23.70 – $150.45

Pintech Stage Pin Connectors

No crimping required, simply insert stripped wire end into terminal and tighten terminal set screw. Equivalent to Bates connector.


Scroller Cable 4pin

Four conductor composite cable consisting of one shielded 22 AWG Data pair and two single 14 AWG conductors, all under an overall PVC jacket.Neutrik NC4*X-B - 4 pole XLR connectors with black metal housing and gold contacts.

$26.60 – $105.00

Stage Pin 2FER

Assembled two-fers are 2 feet long , made with color coded 12 gauge THHN stranded wire and woven fiberglass sleeve. With connectors, the overall length is slightly longer than 2 feet.


Stage Pin Cable

20 amp stage pin extensions are made with super flexible 12/3 SOOW wire.

$27.40 – $125.15

Stage Pin To Edison Adapter

1' long adapter made from 12/3 SO Cable.

$19.85 – $23.90