GAM SX4/LT -film loop tray unit

The SX4® is fully modular, so that your Source Four can revert to a conventional ellipsoidal quickly and easily when needed. GAM can also supply a 575 watt HMI Source Four, offering three times the light output.

Built with the rugged demands of the theme park, retail and architectural markets in mind, the GAM SX4® offers amazing dependability and many options with hundreds of off-the-shelf effects as well as custom designs.

DMX Loop Tray: The DMX Loop Tray has all of the functions which are available on the conventional loop tray with the added feature that it can be controlled by a DMX signal. A DMX power supply is required and using a DMX signal you can control the Start, Stop, Speed and Direction of the effects loop. The DMX Loop Tray may also be operated stand alone from an AC signal using the on-board pre-programmed sequences. By adjusting the mode switches the pre-programmed sequence speed and direction can be varied. In the stand alone mode, no DMX signal is required, simply turning on and off the power will start and stop the operation.


Film Loop sold seperately