Special Effects


The Maniac

    Fog / Beam / Fog and LED Beam

    Moving Head with full 540 degrees of Pan and 270 Degrees of Tilt

    Can hang either Upside down or Right-side Up

    Co2 Effect when using SmartFog

    Instant Stop Technology

    Wireless Remote for Fog

    DMX controlled

    Fiber Optic Curtain -16’ x 24’ panel

    A brilliant and versatile drapery, filled with bright pinpoints of light. It's perfect for theaters, hotel shows, casinos, theme parks, churches, galas, trade shows and corporate events.

    Includes 2 LightStar Fiber Optic Illuminators

    Can hang in any orientation


    Fiber Optic Curtain -16’ x 13’ panel

    A brilliant and versatile drapery, filled with bright pinpoints of light. It's perfect for theaters, hotel shows, casinos, theme parks, churches, galas, trade shows and corporate events.

    Includes 2 LightStar Fiber Optic Illuminators

    Can hang in any orientation


    City Theatrical Aquafog 3300

    A new concept in dry ice fog. This water-based system is light-weight, portable and durable, allowing you to create large amounts of billowing fog. The AQUAFOG 3300™ features a durable molded thermoplastic tank for corrosion resistance and light weight. No more rusting steel drums to replace. The large lid lifts for easy loading of the stainless steel ice shelf. All electrical components are conveniently located behind the electrical panel. A powerful stainless steel pump brings heated water from the tank up to the dry ice. A 6" fan pressurizes the tank and sends the fog out to the stage

    Power Requirements : 3 - 15A outlets


    Chauvet Nimbus

    Nimbus™ is a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. This powerful machine heats enough water to create fog from 10 lb of dry ice to provide 6 minutes of run time. Output and flow are easily controlled, thanks to an adjustable multi-level control arm. Dual heaters allow for faster heat-up and recycle times. A low water sensor increases safety

    Power Requirements: 1-15A outlet


    CITC Little Blizzard SP Snow machine

    The Little Blizzard® Sp is is a high quality, industry standard - can run continuously without overheating. It has a flake size adjustment paddle, two-speed motor, remote control and DMX on-board. Full digital volume control adds precision to DMX or remote control with 25' cord (7.62m). The round opening increases output 20%. Heavy-duty powder coating reduces sound and rust. Includes mounting bracket.


    Jem ZR44

    The Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass™ is a reliable and highly efficient fogger capable of precise fog delivery from subtle to massive. Ideal for a variety of settings from small venues to huge stadiums and arenas, it features advanced technology for top-quality performance, as well as advances in digital functionality such as RDM compatibility. 


    Martin ZR25

    The JEM™ ZR25 is a small, yet powerful fog machine designed to deliver superior and uninterrupted performance in demanding professional applications. Via its 1,150 W heat exchanger, the JEM ZR25 produces large amounts of fog ideal for small to medium-sized venues and stages in both install and rental markets.


    MDG Atmosphere Hazer

    The world-famous ATMOSPHEREAPS, the industry standard professional haze generator for almost two decades, is the perfect match for your lighting effects .

    Available with DMX or on-board control


    DF-50 Diffusion Haze machine

    The Diffusion Hazer (DF-50) is a patented machine utilizing a triple filtered system that breaks down the Diffusion Fluid (food grade mineral oil blend) to a uniform 1 micron sized droplet. CAL/OSHA has concluded that these airborne mist levels do not exceed OSHA or CAL/OSHA 


    Ultratec Radiance Hazer

    Ultratec´s Radiance Haze Machine is the next major advancement in Water Based Haze Technology. Once again, Ultratec is setting new standards that all other haze machines will be measured against. Features include: Built-In DMX that controls both the Haze Output and the Internal Fan. This combination offers excellent Haze Control and Even Dispersion. The Radiance can also be operated by an optional Remote or by utilizing the on board variable settings. Additional features include an IDC removable Power Cable and multiple use Bracket. The Radiance uses the Luminous 7 Haze Fluid which is a proven fluid that offers the best in low consumption and great hang time. It utilizes the various sizes of the Ultratec fluid containers.


    12",16", 20" Mirrorball w/ motor

    Mirror balls available in 12”, 16” and 20” includes Motors


    24" Mirrorball W/ motor

    24” Mirror ball with heavy duty motor


    400w Black Light High Power Flood

    The Altman UV-705 is a compact, high output blacklight floodlight. It is designed to provide a wash of high intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances up to 60 feet. The luminaire does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in extremely quiet operation. The UV-705 comes equipped with an easy-to-use focusing mechanism that allows for adjustments from wide to very wide flood settings. A special lens filters out harmful UV-B and UV-C wavelengths and almost all visible light, and is provided with an integral wire mesh safety screen


    Apollo Smart Move DMX Dual Gobo Rotator

    Apollo's Smart Move® rotator is the next generation in gobo moving effects technology. In addition to simple multi-direction rotation, the Smart Move® by Apollo offers an array of individual gobo movements ideal for a broad range of applications. The built-in, pre-programmed microprocessor provides the "smarts", while the rotary switches and speed control dial allow the user to easily set the desired effect and its speed. The Smart Move(R) DMX rotator provides all the features of the Smart Move(R) plus DMX control and indexing. 

    Requires power supply


    Rosco DMX Iris

    The new Rosco DMX Iris is quiet, dependable, affordable, and a perfect complement to the I-Cue Intelligent Mirror. This 24 leaf motorized iris unit can be used with your ETC Source Four, Selecon Pacific or most other modern lekos. Unlike other iris units that have only 18 or fewer leaves in the aperture, the Rosco DMX Iris creates an even edged, perfectly round aperture all the way down to its smallest diameter. Using 1 channel of DMX512, the DMX Iris's movement is smooth even along very slow cross fades. A microprocessor controlled stepper motor connects to the mechanical arm of the iris unit, replacing the unreliable noisy chain drive system found in other products. A manual knob lets you use the DMX Iris without DMX control just by dialing in the aperture size you want, just as you would a conventional iris unit. The Rosco DMX Iris requires a non-dim circuit and is auto-sensing from 100-240 volts for use anywhere in the world. No external PSU is needed.


    Rosco Simple Spin Dual Gobo Rotator

    SimpleSpin™ combines the perfect mix of a budget conscious price tag and features that really matter to a designer, electrician or event planner. A single, variable speed stepper motor is used to rotate two B size gobos. Always rotating in opposition, the movement can be as slow as 0.5rpm for building subtle, naturalistic effects. The maximum speed of 24rpm is perfect for creating a raging inferno or wild kinetic effects.

    SimpleSpin™ is primarily a manual control, "set and forget" device. Define the perfect look for your lighting effect by precisely trimming the speed control knob and then simply power the SimpleSpin™ up and down from the mains. This is especially convenient in venues where more sophisticated DMX control is either unavailable or unnecessary. In instances where varying speed control is needed, SimpleSpin™ can be plugged into a dimmer and controlled by a lighting desk. Configured this way, the speed of rotation will increase or decrease as the level on the dimmer goes up or down.


    Rosco ImagePro - gobo slide projector attachment

    The iPro Image Projector™ projects an image created from a simple plastic slide. Attach an iPro Slide cartridge to the back plate of the iPro Image Projector™ and insert it into the iris slot of any one of several common luminaires. Then simply turn on the light to project anything from a dazzling full color panorama to a corporate logo, or even a last minute custom gobo texture.


    Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror

    The Rosco I-Cue Intellient Mirror lets you do more with less. Mounted on an ellipsoidal spotlight, the lightweight moving mirror allows you to reposition the beam of light at will. A single luminaire can be used for multiple specials, focused wherever the designer requires and moved with a simple cue from your DMX console. This is done silently, quickly and accurately and can be repeated over and over again, every night of the performance. The ultra quiet stepper motors used allow the I-Cue to succeed even in television studios and concert halls where any ambient motor noise is unacceptable.

    Intended for use on modern luminares with 6 in lens systems, the I-Cue slides into a 6-1/4in color frame slot. Weighing only 3-1/2 pounds, it is easily installed and won't cause the fixture to drop. The mirror size restricts the lens barrel to 36-degrees or less, though a front spill plate can be positioned to block light leak on wider lenses.

    Requires power supply


    GAM SX4/LT -film loop tray unit

    The SX4® is fully modular, so that your Source Four can revert to a conventional ellipsoidal quickly and easily when needed. GAM can also supply a 575 watt HMI Source Four, offering three times the light output.

    Built with the rugged demands of the theme park, retail and architectural markets in mind, the GAM SX4® offers amazing dependability and many options with hundreds of off-the-shelf effects as well as custom designs.

    DMX Loop Tray: The DMX Loop Tray has all of the functions which are available on the conventional loop tray with the added feature that it can be controlled by a DMX signal. A DMX power supply is required and using a DMX signal you can control the Start, Stop, Speed and Direction of the effects loop. The DMX Loop Tray may also be operated stand alone from an AC signal using the on-board pre-programmed sequences. By adjusting the mode switches the pre-programmed sequence speed and direction can be varied. In the stand alone mode, no DMX signal is required, simply turning on and off the power will start and stop the operation.


    Film Loop sold seperately


    GAM Film FX unit

    The GAM Film/FX™ fits into the drop-in iris slot to create a compact and powerful scenic projector. Special effects such as moving clouds, rain, snow, fire, water ripples and other scenic elements are made easy.

    Film Loop sold separately


    Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

    The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful and rugged, 1500W /120V high-impact strobe




    City Theatrical S4 Yoke

    We designed this yoke for lighting designer Ken Posner for the Broadway production of Wicked, and it has been used on hundreds of shows, tours, and installation since then.  This is a very stable, smooth, pan and tilt yoke that rivals yokes costing thousands of dollars.  The pan and tilt mechanisms feature high quality bearings for smooth movement, and the placement of the lighting fixture can be varied forward or backward to achieve perfect balance without counterweights or springs.  A variety of accessories are available to make your yoke into a fully functioning follow spot.  Although this is a perfect yoke for schools and churches, it is also used on a daily basis on many Broadway shows in side spot or truss locations.

    Lens not included


    City Theatrical S4 Handle

    Handle for ETC Source Four Leko


    City Theatrical S4 Drop-In Iris

    Drop-In Iris for ETC Source Four Leko


    City Theatrical S4 Color Boomerang

    Color Boomerang for ETC Source Four Leko 19 thru 50 degree